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Abby Poblador, a stunner?

Abby's a stunner. Am I right? A vixen Premier model, bumper to bumper babe, car show hot angel, a boobs bomber, Axe anarchy ambassadress finalist, FHM Online babe, PXC round girl, Playboy PH top model and etc. Abby Poblador's face, curves and the over sized yet natural boobs makes her personality  more interesting and very special.  

Her personality

Abby has a simple and humble personality yet has enchanting beauty. As I watched her being interviewed at AKTV center (channel 13) for the promotion of Pacific X-treme Challenge (PXC), I can't help but to be fascinated with her. Her laughter is just like a small piece of spell ingredient that takes away your self control and begin to beg for more. Adding the very sexy curve and the big boobs completes the recipe that will surely lure you in. Her smile? possibly the cutest one you'll ever see. ~_^

Her love life

At her very young age, Abby already had suitors and admirers, telling her she's cute, she's beautiful and so on. But she settled fo a relationship during her college days and the relationship lasted for three (3) years. She's currently happily taken by her very supportive boyfriend which is her 2nd.

When asked what strategy should the suitors and admirers will use to win her heart if ever she will be single again, she said that "She's not the appreciative type of woman, she does not really care if you gave her chocolates, roses and any fancy things at all, it does not add a plus point to her. And if she does not like your attitude then you have no chance to win her (heart)."

Every men dream't of having a girl of like Abby Poblador, what more can you ask for? Beauty, body, curves, complexion, appeal, boobies and brains. Now my question is, Do you think Abby Poblador is a Stunner? Share you comments, reactions and sentiments on the comment box below and let your opinion be heard by all of her fans. ^_^

Side comment, is it just me or Abby actually looks like a bit of Keanna Reeves? xD


Abby Poblador's Official Facebook Page
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